Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey Hollywood, stop telling me how to vote!

     Sarah Jessica Parker - now there's a politically astute woman. Seriously, though, why do these Hollywood actors and actresses want to cram the religion of the left down our throats every time I turn around? It's utterly preposterous to expect me to follow along lock-step with these spoiled, pampered and clueless people just because they decided to pursue a career that has made them famous. Our society is completely obsessed with celebrities and their sordid, 'do as I say - not as I do lives'. I would no more be swayed by a celebrity's political opinion than I would be swayed by the leanings of the local TV weatherman.
     I certainly don't mind these people having opinions. And I certainly don't mind that they want to share those opinions. What really makes me want to projectile vomit is the fact that any moron that has "starred" in something, anything mind you, has access to the largest megaphones on the planet. If, God forbid, one of the talentless Kardashians has something to say to the world, then there is no shortage of microphones and TV cameras that will gladly lap up every ill-chosen word. The same could be said for musicians, and to a way lesser degree, pro sports figures. Now I can not, for the life of me, figure out why anyone would care what the political leanings of a musician are, especially since they should be the first ones to espouse freedom of choice and individualism. We've obviously fallen quite a bit from the 'do your own thing' mindset of the '60's and 70's.
     The Democratic party of today is NOT the party of JFK. Not by a long shot. Liberals were once the champions of free speech and less government but now it seems that the majority of them want a nanny state and a one-party, state run media. If you are a conservative and you are proud of it, the entertainment industry might not be right for you. With the exception of Country music, there is no safe haven or even tolerance for conservative ideals in the world of popular entertainment. You either play nice and fall in with the popular kids, or you are deemed a racist, homophobic backward-thinking cretin.
     Hollywood has leaned far left for some time now, so much so that it's a wonder that it hasn't slid all the way into the ocean. One can find in any number of films the idealistic, forward-looking suave Democratic president juxtaposed against the evil, tyrannical Republicans. The political right is ALWAYS portrayed as the bastions of corporate greed and the merciless crusher of the little guy. Never mind that the Republican party was the party of Lincoln and the stalwart opposition of slavery. It doesn't matter. Hollywood doesn't like conservatives and what they stand for yet they will hijack any conservative belief or ideal if they can make a buck on it. The Hollywood left rail against the NRA, and yet they make films that often look like advertisements for firearm manufacturers. How many times have we seen a frail, anorexic-looking female starlet locking and loading some form of imposing looking gun, ready for some "payback!". More times than I can count, for sure.
     The hatred by Hollywood of all things traditionally right-of-center is not limited to the hypocrisy of leather clad gun-toting gun haters, but Tinseltown has seemed to have forgotten that we are a nation of the faithful, by and large. While there is room for everyone at the table, this country has always been a church-going, God fearing one. It can be argued that those numbers decrease with every passing year, but it certainly looks like it has been the agenda of the Hollywood left to further that along. When I was growing up, not all, but most of the people I knew either went to church or synagogue and/or most of them believed in God. But, even as a child I couldn't help but notice that the overwhelming majority of people depicted in movies sand television neither attended any religious services or even mentioned God. While it is true that I grew up in the "bible belt" and was raised a traditional southern Baptist, I also knew many people that were 'transplants' from other parts of the United States and they seemed to have basically the same upbringing as I did, with only minor differences. I don't EVER shove my spiritual beliefs in anyone's face, but I also know that this country was once populated by very spiritual people - and not so long ago as some would have you believe.
     From Hanks and Spielberg to SJP and George Clooney, the White House has turned into a modern version of Camelot, without the political savvy. President Obama can been seen on a daily basis smiling broadly with an assorted cast of film and television stars and his celebrity status is unquestioned. However, all of those people, and the president himself, have one thing in common - they are completely detached from everyday Americans; the people that have to live on a budget and clean their own homes. These people, most of which have more than one home to begin with, live in gated mansions and fly on private aircraft while telling us how to reduce our carbon footprints. They look out at the lower case world through tinted limousine windows and shake their heads at how ignorant we are and how much we need them to guide us on election day. You can bet your bottom dollar that 99% of these affluent upper-crust types couldn't give two hoots about anything you or I would have to say, but they believe whole-heartedly that we hang on their every word. Sorry to disappoint.